Ink and brush Line-Drawings

Art by Don Bodine, Interior Design by Jan Showers, Veranda Magazine, Photographed by Brian McWeeney

The frame-size of these line-drawings is 17"x21"

Don Bodine Line-Drawings, Jan Showers Interior design, Veranda 2011

"By decorating the space around us, we express our inner sense of self: 'I like that' becomes 'I'm like that' ."

Virginia Postrel

Available line-drawings by Don Bodine


Set of Eight Ink and Brush Line-Drawings by Don Bodine. (Set-01) Total frame size is 17" x 21"

Unframed art: 13.5" x 17.5". Shown framed in water-gilded gold-leafed molding (gold leaf top, black sides).

These drawings were placed in the frames to be photographed, but are stored unframed. The art can be purchased framed or unframed. They are displayed here as a set, but can be ordered in any quantity or combination.

These are original drawings (not prints), so the inventory is constantly changing. Once we make contact, I can send you photos of the current selection to choose from. Some of the images shown may have sold, and new ones may have been added.

Please contact me directly for wholesale pricing. As per an agreement with the dealers who sell my work, I do not post prices online. Contact information below.

Set of 4 Ink and Brush Line-Drawings by Don Bodine

AVAILABLE. 17"x21" (framed) 13.5"x17.5 unframed

Displayed in water-gilded gold-leafed frames. Can be purchased framed or unframed.

Set of Eight Ink and Brush Line-Drawings. (Set-02) AVAILABLE

Total frame size is 17" x 21" Unframed size: 13.5" x 17.5".

Can be purchased framed or unframed

Don Bodine Line Drawings Jan Showerrs Interior design

From "The Residences" at Ritz Carlton. Photo by Ronda Carman.

These large size line-drawings are made as special orders.

I can help you select a set of drawings, by arranging your favorite pieces

into a single image.

Contact me for pricing and availability:


  • Please type "ART" in the subject line so that I can easily spot your email if it goes to the Spam folder.
  • If we have not spoken before, please introduce yourself and let me know if you are an interior designer, private collector, etc...., and what city you live in. I do not quote prices in response to anonymous emails, because there are a few limitations on where I can sell my art directly.

Or, please feel free to call me at the studio. It is always enjoyable to speak with someone who is interested in my work.

phone: 214.828.6270