Contact Me

The simplest way to contact me is with a phone call. Especially if we have not spoken before, it is easier for me to explain art sizes, prices, framing options, etc… on a quick phone call

If you would prefer to reach out via email, then please read the following:
In order to avoid stepping on any of my dealer’s toes, I do not give price quotes in response to anonymous emails. Please introduce yourself, and include this information when contacting me:

  1. Put the word “ART” in the title of the email, so it won’t get lost in the Spam folder.
  2. Please let me know if you’re an interior designer, art dealer, or a private collector.
  3. And, let me know the city you’re in. There are a few limitations on where I can sell my line-drawings directly, because of agreements with my dealers.

[email protected]

Don Bodine - Line Drawing

Thank you!

Don Bodine